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EffiaSoft launched new generation POS and Billing App for Retail and Restaurants

Just Billing app is a one-stop simple solution for retail billing, inventory management, customer loyalty and expense tracking for single or multiple chain of retail and restaurants. This comprehensive billing software says he will solve the challenges faced by retail, food & beverages and distribution business today.

billing app

With this release we've got made the appropriate Billing app more innovative with barcode simplification, voice command, enabling host of digital wallets, professional digital invoices, making GST ready that are inline together with the Honorable Prime Ministers vision towards Digital India and boost MSMEs.said Koushik Shee, the CEO of EffiaSoft.

With PM Modis vision for a digital India and digitized economy being considered as the longer term, digital payment methods are going to be the preferred choice. With access to cash still like a problem after Nov 8, 2016 demonetization move, consumers are getting more comfortable paying by card or mobile wallet. Just Billing addresses involve the hour, by enabling Micro & Small retailers to accept payment using any type of payment mode including multiple Digital Wallets. A digital tax invoices and estimates produced by this mobile POS can be shared across with customer through various channels such as SMS, Email, or WhatsApp.

The pos billing app could be set up on any cell phone or tablet and there's necessity of any internet connectivity during retail billing.

Unlike a number of other contemporary mobile based POS application available in the market, Just Billing retail billing software also offers a supply module. The retail pos app automatically alerts when goods must be replenished. Merchants can place to supplier electronically rrmprove stocks. For simplicity of maintaining inventory and faster billing cycle, this mobile pos has a built-in feature that transforms the mobile camera itself with a Barcode Scanner. The billing app is also capable of processing voice based command. �These innovations should truly help Indian retailers and traders to utilize technology much easily along with day to day business operation better. Without doubt, every time they visit these phones be ahead of their competition.� remarked by Joydeep Sarker, CTO of EffiaSoft.

A simple feature tour of Just Billing POS app can be obtained at

The professional form of the billing app is capable of doing accounting automatically and generates industry standard reports on sales, purchase, tax liabilities, expenses with just few clicks. The upcoming GST billing in India has already been an in-built feature with this mobile app.

It doesnt matter whether its a single outlet business or having 1000 stores, Just Billing aggregates information all the shops across any geographic location on real-time. Using this type of, companies convey more visibility and are empowered to adopt right decision and control at the right time. This has been explained within this quick video -

Earlier Just Billing app was launched in Beta in June 2016 and possesses already acquired global attention with 3000+ renowned customers across multiple countries. Its super user friendly interface with good capabilities of commercial functions were already in the talk for last 6 months. With increasing quantity of android users, it can be expected that, Play Store launch could make it available to more businesses.

To find out more about Just Billing software please visit

billing app

About The Company :

EffiaSoft Founded in 2012, with the vision to be the best solution provider for multi-channel distribution aggregation for all types of retail trade. They provide comprehensive and affordable Business Management Software such as billing, inventory, procurement, ERP, CRM, human resource, accounting and e-commerce applications on cloud and mobile platform to Micro-Small-Medium business (MSME) as service.

EffiaSoft is winner of Red Herring Asia 2016, recognized by Google, Microsoft, IBM, NASSCOM and Stanford PNGrowth to name a few and trusted by 3000+ global customers. EffiaSoft believes in making billing and ERP software simple, easy to use and affordable for Micro and Small Business using technology!


Contact Information:

Name: Koushik

Position: Founder & CEO

Company: EffiaSoft


Country: India

Post by androidpos1a (2017-01-08 06:28)

Tags: pos app billing app mobile pos android pos retail pos invoice app

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